Megan Grant Link Discarded/ Disregarded + Stars

IMAGE: Face Mask with Embroidery
IMAGE: Face Mask with Embroidery - Detail
IMAGE: Memory Book Page 1 - 2
IMAGE: Memory Book Page 3 - 4
IMAGE: Memory Book Page 5 - 6
IMAGE: Memory Book Page 7 - 8
IMAGE: Memory Book Page 9 - 10

Disregarded/Discarded is my own take on a look at lost and found. I found that stereotypically feminine crafts like embroidery and darning are being taught less and now feel a bit lost and disregarded. Pulling connections to current life I found parallels with disposable face masks also being seen as only helpful for a short time before being thrown away. I wanted to show a way that even though both seem to be overlooked they are incredibly helpful and can create something visually appealing.

Stars is a project wherein I explore my own way of saving memories in ways I have kept through the years. I’ve kept an archive of these through writing memories on paper stars and taking disposable photos to capture moments I want to remember. Through this, I created a memory book to show a little of my own human experience and give an insight to my own nostalgia.

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