James Gabell Link Disability Project

IMAGE: 3D (1:50)
IMAGE: Cross section (1:50)
IMAGE: Plan (1:20)

I have added a 3D, section and plan of proposal space to satisfy some daily needs of my client. My projects reflect on providing accessibility spaces for a wheelchair user, regardless the location. It is important for me that my new project, provide safety, comfort and accessibility foreveryone despite if they are Ordinary or Disordinary. Having that in mind, I decided to produce a proposal space where it can be constructed anywhere. Still, my idea is to build spaces that would provide more viewpoints for a Wheelchair user when going to areas such as mountains with a waterfall at the bottom. Due to its impairments, they cannot conquer these spaces easily because of its landscape orientation, so by creating an offset pathway that leads to the building laying in between two mountains or even if it is just an offset of the landscape, my client would at least have a chance of enjoying the view as it shows on my project, which is still in progress. To intervene with the beauty scenarios that the world provide, I design the three viewpoints structure.

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