Simon Kerola Akerlind Link Destroyer of Worlds

IMAGE: Destroyer of Worlds (2021) 1/3
IMAGE: Destroyer of Worlds (2021) 2/3
IMAGE: Destroyer of Worlds (2021) 3/3

It has always been us against nature, or us against ourselves.
The primitive instincts that evolved for thousands of years are still passing through our neurological pathways, leaving us with a broken compass navigating at war with what keeps us alive. Losing the war will kill us but winning it will too. So where do we go? The question remains unanswered, but is the source of my research depicting thoughts from the Swedish psychiatrist Anders Hansens and still image inspiration from Jack Davison’s cinematic surrealism in photography. I wanted to create something that falls in between my two subjects of inspiration. A theatric staging where the interpretation will become documented among symbolic elements.


Being HUMAN 2021/22