Iona Thomson Link Desire Path

MEDIA: Desire Path Layers
IMAGE: Path Repeat
MEDIA: Path Line
IMAGE: Walking Layer
IMAGE: Multi Walking Layer

This ‘Being Human’ series was based off studies of people taking walks in my local park.

The drawings made in ‘Desire Path Layers’ show the build up and change over time of where people walked in the park. I thought it was interesting that people would go off the paths designed for them and proceeded to walk on their own desire path.

The layered icon in ‘Path Repeat’ was a drawing of a path I had layered in Processing. I wanted to layer the icon to highlight the how the path changes with each use.

The ‘Path Line’ video was a painting I had created. I wanted to further the idea of movement within the black lines of the painting, therefore I liquified them. I also liquified other parts of the painting to represent the desire paths that were not marked.

I also wanted to see how I could create movement in an image with layering in ‘Walking Layer’ This was a quick drawing of a pedestrian in the park. To create movement I layered the same image on top of eachother. The pink background is a repeated icon drawing of the path he was walking on.

I wanted to show distance in ‘Multi Walking Layer’ therefore I arranged the icons of the man in a straight line, this also conveyed the movement of him walking down the path.

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