Emma Devlin Link Designing with ADHD in mind

IMAGE: 3D drawing of proposal 1:50
IMAGE: Plan of proposal 1:50

I focused on ADHD as part of the being human theme. From the archives I discovered notes of Doctors who worked in asylums formerly known as ‘mad houses’ as well as how people with mental illnesses would be put into a ‘swing chair’ meant to relax them however it was more like torture. These insights into how people were treated in the past shows that us as humans we see people who have disabilities as different and do not truly understand them unless we have experienced it ourselves. Hannah Arendt’s ‘ Human Condition’ gave me the understanding of how humans tend to stick to what they know and do not always engage with others who do not share similarities with them. The age of humanism lecture taught me how the one size fit all approach has been continued through time and as humans we should not accept this but instead design for everyone. Primary research into the life of wheelchair user Greta McMillan emphasised the need to take more consideration into making sure all humans can experience the same spaces. Taking this knowledge into my design, I made sure to create a space specifically for people with ADHD but is accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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