Samuel Justice Link Designing for Needs

IMAGE: Guideline Poster - Designing for Needs

The piece of work which is presented in front of your eyes is the outcome of taking part in the 2021/22 First-Year Experience project ‘Being Human’. A project which began with a list of 18 buildings, of 3 categories (Vernacular, 20th Century, and 21st Century), which would then be reduced down consciously to 9 and then to 3 with research being undertaken at each stage.  From this research on the buildings, lessons were learned for good and for bad. The next step was to take these lessons and create a piece of work that would be able to teach people who are also on the path into the art of architecture.

The final outcome proposed to you is a poster that highlights four areas that should be considered in the design process of architecture. It is hoped that by following these guidelines, buildings will become better designed for the Anthropocene.


Being HUMAN 2021/22