Emma Kane Link Designing for Disassembly – Housing proposal

IMAGE: Shipping Container Section and Elevation
IMAGE: Shipping Container Exploded View
IMAGE: Final Design Section and Elevation
IMAGE: Final Design Exploded 1.1
IMAGE: Final Design Exploded 1.2
IMAGE: Possible Concept Ideas

Sustainability being the focus of my project, I wanted to design something that could last in the constantly changing environment while still being conscious of the impact of construction and materials. This environmentally friendly housing development uses a kit of parts set-up where buyers would pick a house from different pre-sets using the same material kit which would help to limit the number of materials needed in the building process and save energy in construction. The building materials and the construction technique of Kumiki allow the designs to be easily dismantled and then reassembled in various locations which helps to decrease the materials and energy wasted which would happen if the buildings were demolished.


Being HUMAN 2021/22