Joshua Wilkinson Link Degenerative Capitalism

IMAGE: Broken World

This project was a journey exploring different eras of Architecture, while remaining focused on the Anthropocene. This started with looking at vernacular architecture, moving through to the post-industrial era and on to the post-digital. As a group well all researched one building from each era and amalgamated this into one presentation. With drawing each building we gained a greater personal understanding of each which then led us to our own direction of where we wanted to take this project.

Being Human. I was taken by vernacular architecture across the world and the ingenuity of humanity. I began looking at iconic landmarks and really focusing on the Great Wall of China. I began to see the increasingly common realisation of capitalism and commercialisation in and around them and explored how, in this epochal of the Anthropocene, they have become diluted and polluted with the never-ending gain of control and greed these organisations hold, adding to the broken world.


Being HUMAN 2021/22