Beth Boswell-Knight Link Consumed

IMAGE: 5 days worth of food
IMAGE: Devil
IMAGE: Select
IMAGE: Fingers

I took this project as a form of diary to gain insight into my own eating habits and to see how they potentially affect me and my mood. Food consumption is a complex matter because the actual consumption of food is such a private matter, but the effects of this consumption is so heavily judged by society.

Logging all the food I ate was originally a private thing that no one would think about, but it turned into something that was to be judged, therefore I began thinking about what I ate more so that I would look healthy. This affected the authenticity of my project and my concept, but also backed up my idea that the private realm is so intrinsically linked to the public realm, and that we do things in private in order to affect how we are perceived in the public.

I then also looked into the concept of anxiety in a visual manner. Anxiety is something that most of us feel at some point, and is therefore a key aspect of ‘Being Human’. I sometimes struggle to form words in relation to how I feel, so I wanted to explore these feelings visually instead.

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