Max Neill Link Connections between memory and music

IMAGE: The Killers, Hot Fuss and Lana Del Rey, Born To Die icons
IMAGE: Green Day, American Idiot and The Gardens, HAHA Icons
IMAGE: LSD and Ol' Dirty Bastard, Return to the 36 Chambers icons

Music holds a very important place in my heart I can almost relate every single memory I have to a particular song or album. I wanted to relate this to how much music takes a place in ‘being human’ it’s everywhere everyone has their own taste, the stuff the cant stand, the stuff the love and the stuff that reminds them of important parts of their life.

For me my record collection also acts as a memory bank full of memories of when I got the record itself along with memories of the music. I thought this was very interesting and I wanted to create covers for each memory I had for a group of albums I have within my collection. I was curious  as to wither other people around me could also come up with a group of albums that were like their “life boiled down” surprisingly most people I spoke to could and felt that after they told me I somehow knew their life story I found this quite fascinating and wanted to explore it more.

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