Lianghong Fan Link CoLab1 Being Human

First of all, I investigated some diseases of human hands, arms, feet and legs, as well as treatment methods and tools used. I found that the underdevelopment of medical technology and shortage of resources in the past have caused many people to become more sick or even cut off. I compare the current and past medical devices and treatment methods, then improve and redesign those old devices and treatment methods, and finally decompose the structure of these devices to get the final garment design.

First, I looked at how Thomas Wrench works, to correct a foot deformity. Then I looked at the history of human therapy and surgery. I’ve seen some modern scientific robots that have legs and legs that can replace surgical procedures and prosthetics.To be more specific, In the past, medical devices were mostly made of iron or wood, which was very inflexible and inconvenient. With the development of science and technology, people have developed different types of medical devices with new materials, such as carbon fiber and resin, which are lighter and more functional.

I looked at how to improve these old medical devices, by mimicking modern, high-tech prosthetics, by designing them from the point of view of the fingers and the whole structure.Finally,The colors of these four sets of clothes are extracted from the colors of the prostheses in the past. I tried three different combinations and chose the last one.

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