Susie Wilkie Link CoLab 1 – Environmental Art and Sculpture – Father

MEDIA: Father....

Memory is subjective, no two people will have the same memory of an event or situation they are placed in. This is because of how we personally perceive things around us. A building is not just a building when it is your home, your work space or your place of worship. When walking with my father he pointed out a space that had once occupied a school and nursing home directly across from his childhood home. This space was now filled with newly build houses and no remainder of what had previously been inhabiting the grounds. This school and nursing home he had spoken to me about did not exist anymore in the realm of physicality and now only exists in his auditory and visual memories. This subject is particularly of interest to me as there is something strangely profound about memory and places/objects that hold deep sentimental value.

The speaker in the video is my father. He is reminiscing about his childhood, his home, and growing up in a time that was very much different than now. The visuals shown in the video were filmed within my studio space and outside of my current place of residence, Blythswood House.

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