Medeni Yanat Link Co-Lab Project-Anthropocene

IMAGE: Prehistoric hand paintings at the Cave of Hands in Argentina
IMAGE: "Dead Drops"
IMAGE: "Mass Media"
IMAGE: Sketch from my work
IMAGE: Work1-Info about info
IMAGE: Work2-Too much info
IMAGE: Work-Don't be overwhelmed by info

I think we can now add “information” to the “images” that mediate “social relation among people”, which G. Debord expresses in the concept of “the spectacle”. It is very difficult to say that the information that constantly flows out of our eyes can find the necessary response in our brain. Information overload causes us to lose our sense of reality, putting us in the state of seeing everything but feeling nothing. This situation questions how we feel about the serious problems and impending disasters in the Anthropocene. Will information, which is the basic element of human being, become an element of alienation, or will it play a role that paves the way for a life in harmony with society and nature?