Rebecca Ward Link “Cleaner, Greener Glasgow” Immersive Image

MEDIA: Cleaner, Greener Glasgow Walkthrough
IMAGE: Start menu capture
IMAGE: Help/about menu capture
IMAGE: Initiating interactivity with pop-up
IMAGE: Virtual simulation browser (Royal Exchange Square)
IMAGE: Implemented sustainability method: Plants (St Vincent Street)
IMAGE: Are you done here?

“Cleaner Greener Glasgow Project” is an interactive image designed to give the audience an alternative perspective on the higher level of sustainability Glasgow could achieve.

The image allows for the audience to navigate a researcher’s desktop. Through research surrounding Singapore’s approach to sustainability – one of the highest ranking cities in the world for sustainability – such methods (i.e., biotech and ventilation) are applied in 2D digital format to some of the key streets in Glasgow’s City Centre to enable the viewer a observe and learn about the alternative environment GSA’s home city should implement in a step towards a healthier planet.


Being HUMAN 2021/22