Ioanna Charalambous Link Changing The Rules

IMAGE: Classic merged with modern elements
IMAGE: Past and Present version of a human merged as one
IMAGE: Classical mixed with Virtual
IMAGE: Non-human transplant
IMAGE: Self-expression through body art

The Rhizome archives research I did showed me the growth and progression of digital art and culture through the years. That made me realise that being human means evolving, wanting to become a better version of ourselves, to create or wanting to find solutions to problems that affect us. The factors that cause this progression are many. For example, medical/health reasons or the need for expression and development. We can see different types of evolution like evolution in the way we think, the way we express our interests and personality, and evolution in our appearance. Therefore, the things we do to evolve separate us from the traditional idea of the human. The question I want to focus on by showing these types of development/transformations is that “Does this evolution still make us human? “, inspired by Rosi Braidotti’s book The Posthuman. To display this idea and how the traditional way of thinking and living merges with the contemporary culture I used Greek sculptures because they represent what people thought the ideal human body looked like. In contrast with these sculptures that restrict what counts as a human, I wanted to add modern elements to show these types of evolution and that the definition of being human is more diverse nowadays. I want to show the difference between the past and the present because now we live in an era in which the notion of what counts as a human is not the same, it is unstable and it is constantly changing.


Being HUMAN 2020/21



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