Barsha Poudel Link Challange-Being Human

MEDIA: Challange-Being Human
IMAGE: Conection by Antony Gormley, shows a disturbing silhouette of a giant body against a deep glow which could be manmade or natural. Both the body and the landscape appear to be equally toxic, raising questions of how humanity is impacting the planet through climate change.
IMAGE: Human shadow on pollution, Inspired by Painting shown above of Antony Gormley.
IMAGE: Digital mixed media collages "Pink Sky and Flying Fish" by Fatima Franks that explains how capitalism and consumerism flourish while the earth is suffering.
IMAGE: Fridge shot from the video reflecting on consumerism in todya's household
IMAGE: The CarbonScape installation by Chinese artist Chris Cheung (sound study)
IMAGE: Final storyboard
IMAGE: Final StoryBoard second part
IMAGE: Painting gradual human effect on Earth

Through this video, I want to convey the idea of the emergency to act upon the carbon and environmental footprints we are leaving on our planet. During these 60 seconds, I showcased a person doing their daily routine at home with the constant emergency alarm going off in the background, communicating how careless we are of our daily actions that impact the environment negatively even though we are constantly reminded of it. Our food consumption habits, the electricity we use, and the unnecessary products we buy contribute on a larger scale to the CO2 emission. The video carries a message to people to recognize that change starts from home, from you and me! That is what being human is: to notice, to think, to realize, to challenge, and to make a change.