Alexander Greig Link BLIND CORRIDOR


The aim of this project is to design a relaxing and intuitive space for the blind to move through to relieve the anxiety of an often confusing and stressful passage through the city. The volume is to provide a sensory experience which is engaging and provides a brief escape from the city. The bulging form of the tunnel should provide a level of sound insulation from the harsh noise of the surrounding area, these are to be replaced by the sound of water droplets dripping from metal panel to panel overhead. The living wall is to replace the often stale and smoggy air in the city with a fresh fragrance. The straight, thin floorplan with a slight slope should gently guide the blind through the space.  Two textured handrails are carved deep into the walls and hopefully the tactile surface will encourage engagement with the space. This will hopefully allow a blind user to feel comfortable enough no longer use their stick while moving through the building.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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