Penelope Gardner Link Being Human through the optic lense

MEDIA: Being Human Retinis Pigmentosa
IMAGE: line drawing of ocular nerves
IMAGE: Hereditary Fundus dystrophies
IMAGE: Exploring materials and linear shape of the eye nerves

Starting this project it felt very daunting it was almost like navigating through fog, I was drawn to my object as it was colourful and a very interesting shape despite having absolutely no idea what it was, once we visited the archives and I had a little more context, a memory invaded my brain; being at my grandmothers house in Mexico watching her apply her eye drops as she has glaucoma in doing that she was often not sure if they had gone in her eye or not, as she had lost some feeling in her eyes nerve endings so that was when the importance of nerves was reiterated for me.

For this project I explored two different routes one which was a more 3 Dimensional experimental route this is where ,I did experiments to demonstrate different types of damage to the nerve and its ability to transport information, but I also took a second route in which I explored nerve endings as line drawings inspired by the artist Ramon y Cajal these drawings then started to merge with the materiality of the tubes used to represent the eyes as I used the ink coming through the tubes to make pages of marks made by the tubes, this is in likeness to how an eye transmits information the the brain to create an image, through this process I was able to further understand the eye and get an idea of what living with visual impairments I could look like, by also using the tubes that represented visual impairments like eye stroke and retinitis pigmentosa I could contrast them to that of the healthy eye and get a clearer idea.

With this project I wanted to raise awareness to visual impairments that in my experience are less talked about, in order to unite the world and bring to light the many variations of visual impairments.


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