Amy Wilson Link Being Human – Room 19

MEDIA: Room 19
IMAGE: Storyboard

‘Being Human” is a somewhat subjective topic dependent on perspective. Personally I believe  it to be a reflection of our capability to display complex and deep emotions, experience life to its full potential, and the ability to make informed choices. More importantly, the freedom to exercise our rights and responsibilities. Considering these values during the current Covid pandemic has altered my perception of what being human really means. Some of our most basic human rights are gone and somehow have become less important. Could this be punishment from mother earth for all the damage and abuse that humans have caused? I have developed a short film to describe my personal experience of being human during a pandemic. During my research, I visited the NLS moving image archive (online) where I analysed a series of short films. What I found most useful towards my own development was learning the different film techniques and how we approach space. I have analysed a film called “A Chairy Tale” by Norman Mclaren in which I was inspired by how the artist used a basic chair to represent a variety of different human emotions. It really resonated with me and what I believe it means to ‘be human’.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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