Junying Zhou Link Being Human—Human Skin

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I think this theme is to allow me to explore human beings and to recognize myself. What is human? A human skin, work and eat everyday, or a chess piece? Like other animals, human skin is like our camouflage, distinguishing us from other animals. Every part of human skin exudes human scent.

Ideas and imagination:

I closed my eyes as if I walked into a training room, where various animals were kept in different pools, and one of them was empty and I jumped in. ” Bang.”  The iron gate was closed. I am in the same place as other animals, we look like the same species.  How can I prove that I am different from these animals?

When humans put on animal fur, they seem to fail to consider that the life of animals is actually the same as that of humans. Only when humans and animals stand on the same plane,  humans can wake up. What would it look like if an animal took off human skin and put it on?

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