David Barany Link Being Human – A space for movement

IMAGE: Isometric Views of the Space
IMAGE: Section, Plan and Elevation Views

My work was to design a space to help overcome the isolation caused by the pandemic as well as to relate to those who have paraplegia through CVA, or Stroke. The process involved looking at what can be done for those who experience strokes, while also creating a ‘purposeless’ space for them to feel comfortable in.

The finalised space is as simple as an open area.  Architecture, for stroke, can provide two key things – A space to move and exercise, and clean air, which is what the space intends on doing – An open space for sport and movement, with the intention of being experienced with others, and a large glass door, which would lead on into a garden, and thus allow for ventilation and an openness into nature.

This is all while being designed to simultaneously accommodate for a wheelchair user, with plenty of space to move and turn, and have no set purpose – the potential to act as a simple pavillion for whatever purpose. This creates a space that will enable and encourage exercise, while fully allowing for social activities to take place if need be.


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