Kaiying Qian Link Being human

I’m working on people’s mental health and emotional problems in this project. The archive ‘the living ghost’ that I chose, the feeling of being stretched and tortured, the pain, the hopelessness, keep recalling me of my dear friend. We call her blossom. The girl who has suffered from bad depression for over two years, can’t be understood by her parents, who can’t be released. Death is calling, it is time, it is time. He wants to take her away( we still have no idea who is ‘he’ might be something like death or hell). But the implications in this living world won’t let her go(her parents, public voices, hospital, pills, doctors)
The pills block her from death but won’t heal her, never ever. Up till now, she lives off the things that she loves.
The pills are dominating her brain, her body, hallucination and physical tremor come along with medicines.
She loves flowers, so she named herself blossom, especially roses, and she also has a rosy tattoo.
The scars on the left arm from several times suicides, as a warning.
Smoking, cigarettes, keep her calm, gives her pleasure.
Light, the thing warms her but the thing kills her.
I’m intending to reveal the visual effects of her hallucinations. Delights and panic from dizziness, puzzlement, veil.

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