Eva-Maria Horn Link Being Human

IMAGE: man-made land
IMAGE: woodland
IMAGE: get your hands dirty
IMAGE: shearing to spinning - recycling materials

Being human is being responsible.

We couldn’t survive on this planet if we wouldn’t have access to materials. We all know that. But which are the materials that are actually there already and do not need to be replaced by man-made alternatives that essentially just make our living worse? Soil, water, wind, plants, trees and therefor wood, mushrooms, insects, stones and so many more things that make living possible and it’s up to the consumer to make the most of them and to use them responsible. In a world of modern technology and resources for creating artificial alternatives, I tried to direct my research to organic methods that improve our environmental issues and help our ecosystems to recover. The camera was my material to help documenting this process and used both analog and digital to be aware of what materials I have and can use. 


Being HUMAN 2021/22