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IMAGE: Experiments to resist waste incineration

All over the world, humans have had a major impact on the earth’s geology and even ecosystems, for example through the destruction of ecosystems in the form of deforestation or burning, or even the development of more forested or cultivated land, leading to a reduction in animal habitat and ultimately a reduction in biodiversity.

It has been found that during the New Coronavirus period, human beings reacted differently to the New Coronavirus vaccine due to their body’s resistance to the disease, with some people reacting differently and others reacting differently. Humans are powerless against diseases and viruses and have no way to stop the spread of the virus, except through vaccination to increase antibodies against the virus. However, there are some subjective actions that humans can take to protect the environment, for example, individuals may attempt to reduce environmental pollution at the source by holding indoor activities to reduce carbon dioxide and resisting burning waste to reduce greenhouse gas.


Being HUMAN 2021/22