Connor O'Donnell Archibald Link Being Human

IMAGE: Evidence Bags, assisted readymades.
IMAGE: Tesco Receipts, digital work.
IMAGE: Primark Receipts, digital work.

In the Co-Lab 1 unit, under the title Being Human, I have conducted exploration into several areas of the climate crisis and have looked at how human activity has affected the environment and the people living in those environments. I have also, more broadly, focused on accountability. At the beginning of the project, I posed questions as to who is responsible for increased plastic pollution, deforestation, textile waste, etc. And more importantly, how do we hold those corporations, companies and industries accountable for deliberately harming the environment for commercial profit. Using collected/found objects such as receipts, I transformed objects that would ordinarily be thrown away and turned them into a collection of political works, which opened up ideas of how blame for climate issues is being positioned towards the everyday consumer.


Being HUMAN 2021/22