Alice Kennedy Doig Link Being Human

IMAGE: Collecting Umbrellas
IMAGE: Broken Umbrella
IMAGE: Broken Umbrella
IMAGE: Me breaking an umbrella further
IMAGE: Umbrella Jacket
IMAGE: My proposal, the year round jacket
IMAGE: Final Jacket

As a student studying textiles, it is impossible to ignore the drastic impact that the fashion and textiles industry has on our planet. My project aims to highlight issues within this industry with a particular focus on over-consumption. Firstly, I investigated the history of the textile industry regarding the industrial revolution along with the introduction of mass mechanisation. This research has introduced me to solutions that may be able to improve the current climate crisis. My proposal is to change the buying habits of consumers, by offering a minimal yet diverse closet that puts emphasis on individualism opposed to glorifying the forever changing trends that lead to waste and overconsumption. The garment I am proposing is an adaptable jacket which through minor changes can be used in all seasons. Using recycled materials; in this case broken umbrellas, I hope to encourage a circular economy in which quality far exceeds quantity. 



Being HUMAN 2021/22