Charlene Zeng Link Being Human

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Why we are Human Beings instead of other creatures? I choose to look at the essence of life for answers.

The birth, growth, decay, disease, ageing, death and other life phenomena are all related to genes. Based on the dual attributes of genes (Ultimate property and Mode of being), it can be concluded that genes are the essence of all biology. So on a life level, the essence of human and animal life is the same — genes. There is no difference in the essence of human life and that of animal life. Therefore, We are being human because of our genes.

For exploring the essence of life, what I’ve created is similar to what genes do. Create innumerable life forms, shapes and silhouette through the same substance (or object). Using Gene as a clue to build Bridges between animals and humans. The conclusion is that, from the essence of life, both animals and humans are rooted in genes. And I create creatures beyond past and future.

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