Dominik Kalisz Link Being Human

IMAGE: The viewpoint, end goal.
IMAGE: The beginning.
IMAGE: entrance
IMAGE: Other side view of the entrance
IMAGE: photoshop
IMAGE: photoshop

In this project my clientele were wheelchair users. The Foley is designed to bring the feeling of achievement at the end and not feeling excluded from society due to a disability. The Foley design is a journey for the individual going through the space. The design of the Foley is a self-supporting structure standing over a hill side. The structure is part concrete and part glass, brining brutalism and modern architecture together. It start of with a tunnel that is opened to elements at the sides of the structure with three vents aligned with three skylights on the top part, ending with a glass view point that gives the user a 360 view of the site with glass even on the floor to look down. I think this design brings being human to its point, no matter how hard times feels there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, its just the journey that we have to take to get there.

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