Quentin Borland Link Being Human

Linked below is my short animation Bottle Cap as well as my other animation Plant Talk.

My synopsis:

I found my time in the archive as a great jumping off point and something to solidify the pre-existing yet, not fully formed ideas that I was wishing to explore further. Through research I have come to the personal conclusion, that I do not believe that there is just one thing that makes humans, humans. I believe that being human is the performance of specific actions and behaviors. And as is seen in “Day in the home” the action of performing everyday activities is an example of these types of behaviors. An observation I have made is that a large portion of human behavior revolves around the ‘other’. This could be other humans, objects, or entities. This is seen in the public and private relations between humans that was discussed in Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition. Also the relationship between human behavior when influenced by outside sources such as what was discussed in Mairi MacKenzie’s lecture Perfumatic: The Role of Chanel No. 5 in the Construction of Migrant Biographies. This research allowed me to ground my ideas and focus on what I specifically wanted to convey within the work I was going to create in response to ‘Being Human’.

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