Alexandra Haplichnik Link Are we Human?

IMAGE: Hybrid
IMAGE: Cyborg

What defines us as Humans? Who has a right to say whether you are human or not? Is it our appearance that is crucial? Our behaviour or our body structure? All Humans  are different. There are those, who have parts of their body replaced with mechanical technology. There are those, who have parts of their body replaced with parts of Animals body. There are those who look diiferent from you because of their race. But does it make them less human? Does it give you a right to violate them? To not percieve them as humans? It is descision of every person who to count as Human, But in my project I want to show that no matter how you look, where you come from and what have you done to your body – it does not make you less Human than you already are. Appearance matters, but it is not crucial. We all do the same things, we all live our lives, we all want to be beautiful and we all have a heart. Nothing else matters! Difference is amazing! Accepting different shouldnt be hard or scary. It shouldnt repel people away. Being different is great. Being different, accepting those differences and being yourself is what it means for me to Be Human.

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