Qinyi Li Link Anthropocene

IMAGE: Installation indoor view
IMAGE: Installation details
IMAGE: The net in different environment- In nature
IMAGE: The net in different environment- In nature 2
IMAGE: The net in different environment- From nature to us
MEDIA: Practice Video- From bystander to sufferer
MEDIA: Making Process and Experimentation

In this project, I focused on the topic of human daily wasting mainly manmade-production and chemical production, which trigger viewers to think about plastic pollution issues in a connection with ourselves. For the materials, I collected the trash I produced, through self-monitored / micro level to represent a universal phenomenon among humans. The outcome is an installation with a form of net, which represents humans are weaving a net that covers nature. Another element is labels, which show the time and reason why I used, and the time for the earth to decompose. Then, I circled “I” and “My” in these labels to show how self-centred and selfish are we. This project aims to raise our self-responsibility and self-reflection, to remind people of ourselves is the key to changing the severe environmental situation.


Being HUMAN 2021/22