Xinwen Zhang Link Anthropocene

The aim of my kit is to help people live in a future warmer climate in a more convenient way which can also be wearable. I used pvc fabric, which is light and waterproofed, black fabric which can prevent sunlight, and hard paper with sufficient support and rigidity which can be folded and stored easily. I put the pvc fabric under the hard paper which make the hold objects both waterproofed and foldable. Also I have come up with the idea that the two parts can be sticked together into an umbrella and separated into two thinner piece which can be worn to prevent sunlight for the part of body exposed to the sun wherever the user needs. And all of the objects I made can be hold by the ribbon so that it can be worn out of the T-shirt at the same time. And I put sticker tape at the bottom of the T-shirt. So when users don’t need to wear, they can crossthe ribon though the sleeves and make it into a bag.


Being HUMAN 2021/22