Sarah Orfali Link An Emigrant Response to the Anthropocene

IMAGE: Wheel Print | Water, wheel, and colored pencils on white primed paper 30.5*40.6 cm
IMAGE: Plastic Trace | Glued plastic bag holders and graphite marks on white primed paper 30.5*40.6 cm
MEDIA: Visual Recording of my Walking Journey

My work results from my experience in my environment, responding to being human and the Anthropocene as an outsider. Through observation, I realized how disconnected we are from nature. In response to cultural travel choices, I came up with an artwork that expresses the mechanical dependence world, presenting the dull reality of the road through printing wheel traces into a paper. I also created an artwork that evident our harmful actions through collected plastic bag holders from my walking journey, expressing the traces we left behind as a representation of how far we have become destructive.


Being HUMAN 2021/22