Lucy Kennedy Link Adaptable Housing – Jacob Crumlish, Anjian Huang, Lucy Kennedy and Euan Sweeten

IMAGE: Jacob Crumlish Initial Design
IMAGE: Evan Sweeten Initial Design
IMAGE: Lucy Kennedy Initial Design
IMAGE: Anjian Huang Initial Design
IMAGE: Initial Design Perspective Sketch
IMAGE: Cold Climate Design Outcome
IMAGE: Hot Climate Design Outcome

For the second phase of Co-Lab 1, our group decided to design a project proposal designed to house a modern family. It will consist of a combination of all the positive properties that the 12 structures we had previously researched possess.

The main aims for the house are to have a low carbon emission, good insulation and to work with the environment surrounding the home instead of against it. We selected that the home would be a circular arrangement, built on stilts, with a water storage system on the roof, a garden in the center and made from rammed earth for hot climates and polycarbonate cladding with recycled plastic insulation for cold climates. 

From our research and discussion we think that the new pillar of architecture that should be prioritised when designing buildings is making sure it has a low energy emission. Reducing energy use limits the amount of carbon emissions released into the environment resulting in cleaner air quality and overall helps construct a better planet.