Modelling the Environment: Street Art in Glasgow

IMAGE: "The World's most economical Taxi" -Ciara
IMAGE: Graffiti in Glasgow - Ciara
IMAGE: "Good as Gold" - Ciara
IMAGE: Outcome 1 - Ciara
IMAGE: Outcome 2 - Ciara
IMAGE: Mural in Glasgow - Inaya
IMAGE: Climate Change message graffiti - Inaya
IMAGE: Mapp of tags, graffiti and Murals in Glasgow City centre - Inaya
IMAGE: The population density in Glasgow city centre - Inaya
IMAGE: Psychogeography map - Inaya
IMAGE: Collection of street art in Glasgow - Emma
IMAGE: Outcome 1 - Emma
IMAGE: Outcome 2- Emma
IMAGE: Outcome 3 - Emma
IMAGE: Outcome 4 - Emma
IMAGE: Glasgow Mural - Yuqing Hu
IMAGE: Graffiti - Yuqing Hu
IMAGE: Glasgow Mural - Yuqing Hu
IMAGE: Graffiti - Yuqing Hu
IMAGE: Graffiti - Yuqing Hu

My outcome is a statement piece, designed to bring awareness to the environmental problems that graffiti can cause. — Ciara

Art serves as an indictment of the actions of the human species. I decided to investigate psychogeography mapping on how street art makes us feel and behave. – Inaya

Vandalism or Art? My outcomes are to highlight the aesthetic aspects of graffiti. From stylised political tags to impressive meaningful pieces- I wanted to emphasise the bright colours, character and messages they bring to dull grey surroundings – Emma

Graffiti is a form of street art, and I decided to study the impact of graffiti on human habitats. – Yuqing Hu

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