Ned Campbell Link “62.2kg”

IMAGE: "62.2kg"
IMAGE: "62.2kg"
IMAGE: "62.2kg" Archive Page 1
IMAGE: "62.2kg" Archive Page 2
IMAGE: "62.2kg" Archive Page 3
IMAGE: "62.2kg" Archive Page 4

A visual archive looking into what it means to be human and how the objects we surround ourselves with speak for who we are. The title “62.2kg” comes from the total weight of the objects I brought with me to Glasgow. The weight is also very close to the average weight of an 18 year old boy, personifying the objects and helping to flesh out the person in the audiences mind. The work contains two visual responses and a written archive of my ‘studio space’ with each item numbered, categorised and weighed.

“For me all studios hark back to my father’s shed, where the workbench strewn with tools became the cockpit of a fantasy aircraft journeying to imagined lands. This is the cosy dream of my creative nest…” – Grayson Perry

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